• A Walking Itinerary With The Best Streets & Sights

    Posted by Brian Corbett on 4 July 2017

    If there is one thing Montreal is well-known for (besides the crazy food scene, of course), it's the mix of European and North American cultures. And the best place to experience this for yourself, well, it's in Old-Montreal. I could go on and on about what makes this district beautiful but the only way to truly understand what makes it so special is to roam its streets, admire its views, take in its old-world atmosphere. Take my word for it! To help you enjoy your time there as much as possible, I put together an Old-Montreal walking itinerary that I think will be helpful for first-timers in the city; it includes must-see stops as well as picturesque streets you don't want to miss. But let's start by making something very clear: I absolutely forbid you to visit Old-Montreal by car Not only is it terribly unpractical (try and find parking in these streets, see if you still think I lied), but it also ruins the whole Old-World experience (21st-century transportation doesn't exactly scream 17th-century charm). Instead, do like the locals: take the metro.

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  • Things to do in Barcelona, Spain

    Posted by Brian Corbett on 3 July 2017

    Barcelona has incredible sightseeing routes. From Gaudi's architecture to the natural mediterranean landscape. There's something for everyone here, for sports lovers the Camp Nou, for art lovers amazing museums, for budget travelers lots of free things all year round. It's impossible not to enjoy Barcelona.

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  • A visit to Flinders Ranges National Park

    Posted by Brian Corbett on 2 July 2017

    We're on our way out. A kangaroo just bounced across the road in a fitting farewell. They've been outnumbered this time by the emus. It's the most I've seen in Australia. The Pappas roam camouflaged through the scrub and the noxious purple-flowered weeds, their trail of chicks following.

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  • Travel highlights and lessons

    Posted by Brian Corbett on 1 July 2017

    Are you ready to leap out of 2016 and into 2017? Tired and frustrated with the year gone by, over its bad luck, or are you running with the good luck and awesome achievements into the New Year?

    We shouldn't wait until the one-second tick over to the New Year to bring about change – we can do that at any one-second tick on any given day, but the end of the year does bring some kind of more powerful energy for contemplation, evaluation, change and celebration.

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  • 5 Reasons Why Traveling Is the Best Education

    Posted by Brian Corbett on 30 June 2017

    I'm currently going through the process of cleaning and organizing all my computer files and moving them to my new computer. Please grunt with me now. It is as awful as it sounds and a price I pay for having minimal organizational skills. Anyway, I came across an opinion piece Kalyra wrote last year when we took her out of school to travel. This was the work we promised her teacher we'd do so she did not fall behind with persuasive writing.

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  • 5 Places to See in Tuscany, Italy

    Posted by Brian Corbett on 29 June 2017

    My personal favorite, Florence, is a beautiful city full of history, architecture, art and food. After visiting one or all of the world famous galleries like the Uffizi or the Accademia Gallery to view Michelangelo's David treat yourself to a steak Florentine. You will want to skip lunch if you are going to pay homage to the altar of steak but if you need something to bridge the gap head to the San Lorenzo market and pick up a lampredotto sandwich. The simmered fourth stomach of a cow, sliced thin and garnished with green sauce and a splash of cooking juice on the bun, this sandwich is only served up in Florence and has been for hundreds of years. Now that you're fueled up, hit the city and open every door because behind one could be a hidden feast for the eyes or stomach. The Museo di Palazzo Vecchio is open late so you can end your day by slipping into an art coma from its over the top interior.

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  • Cool things to do in Memphis with kids (or without)

    Posted by Brian Corbett on 27 June 2017

    This is not your typical things to do in Memphis with kids guide. Yes, you can visit Memphis with kids and still do adult stuff. When we travel we like to find a balance between kids and adults activities, and I think we did a good job in Memphis.

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  • Hiking the Tiger Leaping Gorge in China

    Posted by Brian Corbett on 24 June 2017

    Tiger Leaping Gorge in China is believed to be the deepest gorge in the world. The mountains on either side of the Tiger Leaping Gorge reach over 5,000m at their highest point, looking down to the Yangtzee River running through it below. The dramatic scenery and relaxed hike along the high path through the rural villages of the Naxi minority people make this a very enjoyable travel adventure to have in China.

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  • 5 Reasons WHY you Will Love Canada!

    Posted by Brian Corbett on 23 June 2017

    After just having visited Canada for the first time (way overdue), I'm starting to reason there could quite possibly be no reason not to love Canada! It's an huuuuge country with so much to offer travellers - expansive landscapes, amazing food, even more amazing people, and amazing wildlife. Quite simply, there's too many way to love Canada than I can count, but for the sake of convincing you to pack your bags and visit the land of the Maple Leaf, here's 5 of my favourite reasons why you will love Canada!

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  • Exploring The Atacama Desert in Northern Chile!

    Posted by Brian Corbett on 22 June 2017

    There are few places on earth that feel so far removed from civilization and the tech-boom of the 21st Century as the Atacama desert in Northern Chile. I landed in Calama airport after a short 2 hour flight from Santiago to an empty airport. My Explora driver was nowhere to be seen, no one spoke English, and only 3 out of 4 wheels on my suitcase were in tact. What a journey, I thought to myself. It was just the beginning.

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