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Brian Corbett Photography Tours In New York

Start Date: 3 Sep 2017 19:00

End Date: 15 Sep 2017 14:00

Venue: New York City

Brian Corbett is visiting New York on the 03rd of September 2017 till 15 September 2017, anyone wanting him to cover any photo or videography subjects or events contact him at, or by visiting For a short time period this will be a free service. Anyone interested in meeting up for a walking photography tour of manhattan, he's also available on selected dates.

Places he's visiting during his trip: Columbus Circle/Central Park, St Patricks Cathedral, Washington Sq Arch, Coney Island, Governers Island & Staten Island, Atlantic City, Catskills Mountains( Upstate), Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa.  

Date Time Event Location Details
3 Sep 2017 19:00 Brian Corbett Photography Tours In New York New York City More info

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